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Mrs R from Devon

She had been working for the same employer for many years. A Will was made by this employer which left Mrs R a sum of money, providing she was still working for her at the time of her death.

Ilott v Mitson

Her mother died with an estate of £486,000 and she left the fully amount to charitable causes. She failed to make any provision for her daughter and only child, who was relied upon state benefits for income and lived in council owned rented accommodation.

Mr C from Stoke – Claiming over

He was interested in purchasing a leasehold property that was part of a larger development. He sought advice and representation from a firm of Solicitors before the sale became legally binding and also to assist him in completing the purchase. The Solicitors did not inform him of potential problems that may arise from the transaction

Mrs G from Hertfordshire – Claiming

She approached her Solicitor for advice on matrimonial finances following separation from her husband. An agreement was reached between the parties whereby Mrs G was led to believe that she would receive monthly maintenance payments from her ex husband until he reached the age of 65.

Mr & Mrs K from London

After completing the purchase of their property, they noticed unlevel flooring and sagging ceilings. They had paid a surveyor for a report before the purchase and these problems were not identified.

Mr & Mrs M from Kent

They instructed a surveyor to prepare a Building Survey, which is the most comprehensive type of survey available. The surveyor failed to identify and inform them of damp and rot affecting parts of the property.

Mr and Mrs S from Derbyshire

Mr and Mrs S owned a flat which was classed as a business asset for tax purposes. In the Spring of 2013, they decided to close their business and sell the property. They approached their accountant for advice on the tax implications of taking this course of action.

Mrs L from Essex

She was retired and suffering from ill health when she was persuaded to remortgage her property and invest the proceeds into a commercial property fund.

Mr H from Sheffield

He met with a financial adviser upon retirement and was persuaded to place money into a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). This invested heavily into commercial property and he suffered significant losses of capital due to the high risk nature of the funds invested into.

Mr A from Kent

He had a pension fund valued at £53,500 which he was reliant upon for his future retirement. He was contacted by a company who advised that he could achieve significantly better returns by transferring the full amount to a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) with Carey Pensions UK LLP.

Ms H from Surrey

She had an occupational pension plan valued at around £250,000 which enjoyed attractive benefits which were greater than those ordinarily available through other private pension plans. She was dependent upon the income that this pension would provide to maintain living standards during her retirement years.

Ms C from Birmingham

She held all of her retirement savings in a private pension fund valued at around £36,000. She was inexperienced with financial dealings and was reliant upon this money for her future retirement. As a result, she required a low risk pension option which would keep her capital secure.


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Mis-selling or mis-management by a SIPP Operator?

Have you suffered financial losses on a SIPP operated by a SIPP operator? If so, then you may have grounds for bringing a No Win No Fee claim.

Some SIPP operators have entered into dealings with third party advisers who are not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to give pension or investment advice. This is despite their regulatory body publishing alerts and giving warnings against such actions.

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Mis-sold or mis-managed investment or pension?

  • You were sold an investment without having been properly advised of the risks
  • Your personal circumstances or attitude to risk wasn’t properly considered
  • You were sold a SIPP or poor returning annuity
  • You were advised to invest all or most of your savings into a single investment
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